I've collected it at GAMETRICS.com.

if you have a question, ask me.

you'd better to visit 'http://www.gametrics.com' but you have to know KOREAN language.

Acording to GAMETRICS, Korean FPS online game SUDDEN ATTACK is on No.1 online game at Korea.

recently, 2 most popular online game is not changed their rank. one is SUDDEN ATTACK, the other is STAR CRAFT.


한게임 (hangame) & 피망(Pmang) & 넷마블(Netmarble) are big 3 online game POTAL site.

most well-known korean online games were developed and serviced by them.

Nexon is too. but web page Traffic is lower than that 3 rival potal site. because Nexon don't service BOARD GAMEs(poker, chess, GODORI, ..)

SUDDEN ATTACK - Netmarble (they will service DRAGON BALL online)

Fifa online2 - Pmang (they will service NBA STREET ONLINE too.)

Dungeon&Fighter(ARAD) - hangame (they will service LOAD OF RING online and MONSTER HUNTER online)

Maple story - Nexon (they service C.S online)


anyway.... it is just.... a test. 

how many guests from other country is visiting my blog?

don't they want to know some Korean online games?

why World of Warcraft is NOT No.1 online game in Korea? ( it's not No.2!!)

i can't believe that Korean is still playing StarCraft battle.net! 

and. more question You may have I think.

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